Industronics Berhad’s Olympex family of public information display are full display solutions that range over a wide range of applications and available in multiple configurations. These may be from single-line signs, multi-line information boards, full-matrix billboards, stock and currency exchange tickers to large true-colour display, mounted on walls or stands for high impact outdoor advertising displays. Olympex solutions range from those used in small businesses to mammoth stadiums and concert venues.

Using Olympex

The Olympex family offers a tremendous range of signs and displays which can be used at a wide range of venues. These include restaurants, banks, hotels, shopping malls, military, money changers, financial bourses, highways, airports, theaters, casinos, stadiums, sports arena, swimming centres, gymnasiums, ice hockey rinks, retail stores or anywhere that requires an effective visual public communication system and real-time information display tool. Olympex is a valuable asset, easily used to convey a professional image, attract customers, promote safety or increase revenue streams.

The range of Olympex electronic display systems include (but are not limited to) the following


…offer indoor and outdoor venue owners an end-to-end public information display system that fits their exact requirements, by being fully customizable, modular, highly scalable, innovative and complete, all key characteristics of Olympex Sports. The Olympex Sports Arena series is intended for use in smaller scale, multi-
purpose indoor venues while Olympex Sports Stadium series is for mammonth outdoor venues including outdoor track and meet stadiums, concerts, public piazzas and city square. Olympex Sports systems are compatible with many internationally well known sports timing, photo finish and meet management systems.


…is a visually effective Real Time Stock Exchange Information Display Solution. It is intended for use by stock exchanges, financial bourses and instituitions, banks, learning labs and many more where stock and financial information are needed to assist people to make decisions. Olympex M-Inform series of real-time
stock information and financial data displays can be programmed and / or networked to a system to receive a constant feed of financial information. Olympex M-Inform can also be connected to a corporate network to show single and consistent information at multi-locations like at numerous financial bourses within the same corporate chain.

OLYMPEX n-Matrix

…represents the bulk of public displays in the Olympex family. It offers snap-in, bolt-on and hardware-mounted display configurations that are restricted only to imagination and creativity. Olympex n-Matrix offers an amazing variety of excellent choices of displays where space is limited and offers a
challenge plus aesthetics become an important consideration when it is located in highly visible – high traffic areas. The modularity and flexibility of every Olympex n-Matrix display caters to every budget and industry.


…is a range of simple yet flexible display solutions in the Olympex family. These are entry-level solutions which include the Olympex Basics Flexi-Messager emphasizing on impressive display flexibility in a ticker fashion while Olympex Basics Electronic Messager answer needs to have outstanding displays for complex messages and designs.


…comprises high-end solutions fro highways. A robust and crucial element in any Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) for traffic flow management and highway operators, the Olympex Variable Message Sign (VMS) display system allows highway operators to intelligently manage and communicate the display of localised
information like road conditions, temperature, weather reports and traffic flow density, over wide stretches from a centralized location.

OLYMPEX Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)

…is an integrated Flight Information Display System solution for use at airports or flight terminals. Olympex FIDS is a crucial smart hub-based system to help airport managers seamlessly communicate, sequence, manage and broadcast synchronized flight information at multi-display points over sprawling terminals and arrival / departure halls.

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