Traffic Control & Surveillance System

Fully integrated system that communicates with and controls all traffic control devices

The AV, Multimedia & ITS Division is also very actively involved in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). The Division has undertaken major projects in Traffic Control and Surveillance System (TCSS) for intelligent highways. Along with the Government’s programme to upgrade the nation’s expressways with intelligent traffic control and management system, Industronics Berhad is well positioned to be a major solutions provider and system integrator for these projects.

The Traffic Surveillance and Management System solution is controlled by the Central Computer Systemwhich is a fully integrated system that communicates with and controls all traffic control devices along the expressway, such as VMS, VDS, CCTV, GIS, ET and etc. The system software provides management of critical incidents along the expressway.

Control Command Centeris

Control Command Centeris a designated center to implement all traffic monitoring and control, data collection, data and video communication and system management.

Vehicle Detection System

This system will provide information on traffic volume, occupancy rate, traffic light control as well as ramp speed metering.

Closed Circuit Television System

The CCTV System enable the Central Control operator to monitor the traffic flow along the expressway. This will help the operator to get an overview of the situation. If there is an emergency or any major congestion, the relevant authority can be immediately alerted.

Telecommunications System

The Telecommunications System links all field equipment such VMS, VDS, CCTV, etc. to the Central Computer System for processing and management. Various mediums ranging from copper wire, fiber optic cable, radio communication, GPS or satellite can be deployed depending on the highway system design.

Variable Message Signs

The objectives of these signs are to provide ‘real time’ and clear information to road users concerning the traffic conditions to enable drivers to decide on their route to avoid traffic congestion and to ensure maximum traffic flow.

(These VMS boards are locally designed and manufactured by Industronics Berhad)

Toll Collection System (TCS)

As an extension to its services for ITS, Industronics also provides solutions for Toll Collection Systems (TCS) together with its foreign technology partners. Its flagship project is the SPRINT highway tandem lane toll collection system. Industronics was also awarded the Traffic Control and Surveillance package for the SPRINT highway.

Solutions for Toll Collection Systems include:

  • Toll Collection Systems solutions for standard and tandem lane toll collection systems
  • Toll system equipment (e.g. Toll Booths, electronic fare indicators, lane barriers, vehicle classification and repeater signs etc)
  • Integrated CCTV systems for the Toll Plaza and Supervision Buildings
  • Integrated toll plaza and supervision building intercom and video communications systems
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