Graphic Video Wall System

High resolution capabilities and crystal clear images

Industronics can offer full service turn-key operation on the latest and greatest of the audio-video industry’s best video wall equipment. We provide presale project consulting, sales of all hardware and software and full on site installation, programming and training required.
Video wall configurations may utilize CRT, LCD, DLP or Plasma Panels technology, each offering different qualities. You can use data, video or both with your video wall, providing one composite image over the entire wall, separate images to each cube or a combination of both. The latest in video wall technology has high resolution capabilities and crystal clear images, a great display for your message to be seen by large audiences.

Multimedia Information Dissemination System (MIDS)

Faster, more productive and content rich communication

Multimedia Information Dissemination System allows managing various content types (live video broadcasting, new car launching information and advertisement, web zones and KLSE information, etc) to be displayed on various types of display devices. This provides a faster, more productive and content rich communication for today’s environment.
MIDS will be able to create, save, and display multiple layouts on single display devices. The screen can be divided into as many zones as required and these zones can contain information and visuals from multiple sources as illustrated below. Zones can be sized and placed exactly where desired.

Multimedia Language Lab

Bring all the excitement of current and future technologies

At Industronics we provide total customized solution which comprises of design, supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and training for professional systems such as:-

  • Multimedia Language and Computer Lab
  • Distance Learning System
  • Micro Teaching Lab System
  • Smart Classroom Solution

This system helps you bring all the excitement of current and future technologies alive into the classroom. The systems are designed to enrich contents and enhanced learning, not only in the computer subjects but other subjects too. They are highly multifunction network systems, designed for the supervision of a whole range of multimedia classes. Tailored to the needs and specific organization of your classes, the systems certainly meets all you demand for today’s and future technology.

Digital Conference System and Simultaneous Interpretation System

The levels of quality and functionaliy is of top priority

The most unique and versatile congress system. Reliable for smooth and flexible Conference System. Limited number of components allow you to create a system according to the need of your customer from basic functionality to a very complex integration.
Using the latest technology in digital signal processing and transmission, thus guaranteeing levels of quality and functionaliy is of top priority. Delivers most advance voting facilities and interprets in multiple language at one time.

Multimedia Presentation Equipment Distribution

We guarantee to deliver a positive impact to your presentations…

The information age has changed the way the world listens and learns and this has changed presentation technologies dramatically. The growing need for the multimedia presentations has led us to design and provide special solutions to various organizations that were seeking complete solutions to its training and presentation need.
Industronics, is committed to offer you the industry’s premier products from world-class manufacturers. Industronics able to supply and install products, such as lightweight, portable multimedia projectors, plasma display, wireless microphones, interactive controllers, smart boards and integrated multimedia solutions that will guarantee to deliver a positive impact to your presentations.

The selection and integration of these products includes:

  • Multimedia Projectors
  • Plasma Display TV
  • LED
  • MessagerBoard
  • Meeting Room Tools
  • Audio Visual Equipment & etc.

Surveillance and Monitoring

…for verification and historical-data use

CCTV cameras are a familiar sight these days, most security systems today integrates CCTV cameras at all critical locations for verification and historical-data use. CCTV mostly located at important buildings, public squares, traffic junction, inside elevators and etc. The access control stations at doors are interlocked with the CCTV cameras so that the guard on duty can see the activity at the door, especially if a tag is rejected or some abnormal event is noted.

Today, Surveillance and Monitoring System is not only monitoring scenes with CCTV cameras and displaying them on a screen but its integrated solutions involving automatic video signal analysis and the transmission, recording and alarm-actuated display of images.

Industronics have expertise in several different types of CCTV. The requirement for the CCTV system were incredibly demanding. Digital IP-Video System have become the standard for large-scale CCTV solutions because of their flexibility, accessibility and scaleability.

  • Power over Ethernet
  • Secure Wireless SolutionCounter

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