About Industronics Berhad

Industronics Berhad (Industronics) was founded in 1975 and is a mature electronics company renowned in Malaysia and internationally for its implementation of many high-end products, services, and projects. As a technology company listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, the company has the financial and human resources to undertake significant technology projects worldwide. Industronics has a team of outstanding engineers, software and system professionals, and dedicated employees who have completed many notable projects to the complete satisfaction of their clients. We also invest 49% in the Watch Exchange, https://watch-exchanges.com/.

Its subsidiary, ECGO International Limited (ECGOINT.COM), is committed to creating a global online marketplace that integrates global merchants to bring consumers more merchant discounts and a more convenient shopping experience. In addition, ECGO International Limited (ECGOWATCH.COM) is ready to invest USD 100 million in marketing and promotion, including comprehensive development on platforms such as YouTube, television advertising, influencer marketing, and opening physical stores, to enhance the international visibility of ECGO International Limited and increase consumer confidence.

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